The village of Santa Maria is situated in an area called Ogliastra. Ogliastra is almost the epitome of the wild, harsh countryside which many people associate with Sardinia. Unknown and situated in one of the most isolated parts of the island, Ogliastra is rarely included in tourists excursion. The stretch of coastline belonging to the common of Baunei, about 40 kilometres between Santa Maria Navarrese and Cala Luna has unique characteristics. This coastline is interspersed with tiny inlets, with small and very nice beaches. Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine are the names of the most famous of these beaches that can be reached only by boat or else by making a laborious journey along the pathways once used by coal dealers. This area is going to became part of the Natural Park of Gennargentu.
The stunning white cliffs of limestone soaring up of the sea distinguish the tipical landscape of the area, that is a very good place for climbers. It’s also possible to ride in the country, mostly in the Golgo tableland, just above Baunei.
The most important centre of the area is Tortolì that’s situated at about 8 kilometres from Santa Maria. Tortolì has about 10000 inhabitants. There you can find banks, many shops, travel agencies etc.

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